Chandler Wedding
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november 8, 1997

MomLarryGazebo2.jpg (22584 bytes)

The wedding of Nancy Craig to Larry Chandler at Wild Dunes near Charleston was definitely the party week of the year! (In addition to being a somber and sacremental union, of course.)

RoastPig.jpg (34896 bytes)

Even the rehearsal dinner was a blast—for most of us anyway.

MomBobBump.jpg (18506 bytes)

Uncle Bob and Mom "bumped" into each other.

DanFriend.jpg (25751 bytes)

Dan Chandler seemed a bit distracted. (Can you blame him?)

CassRand.jpg (23912 bytes)

Somewhere, I have a picture of Cassie and Randy posing like this—when they were about three.

LarryandLaura.jpg (21347 bytes)

Laura Whatavoice Chandler with her dad. What's the matter, Larry? Nervous?

MomCraigsAdamolis.jpg (29754 bytes)

Some Craigs, Adamolis, and a Hogle for good measure. (From left to right, Randy Adamoli, Bob Craig, Tony Adamoli, Nancy Craig (for one more day), Kathy Hogle (back), Judy Craig (front), Paul Adamoli, and Cassie Craig)

KaylaJames.jpg (23888 bytes)

Kayla Stuart, flower girl, and James Adamoli, ring bearer, take their jobs very seriously at the rehearsal.

JamesProcessional2.jpg (20427 bytes)

Finally, the big moment comes . . .

JamesProcessional.jpg (28512 bytes)

. . . and all that practice pays off.

MomLarryGazebo.jpg (18852 bytes)

Bet you didn't know Mom had a grip like that. Huh, Larry?

JamesMomLarryDanCake.jpg (27387 bytes)

After the ceremony, James attempted to upstage the honored couple. He thought we were hailing the triumphs of The Ring Bearer.

JimPattiRuth.jpg (30151 bytes)

The matron of honor signals her approval. (Jim and Patti Ruth.)

MomLarryReception.jpg (30390 bytes)

You know, they do look pretty good together.

MomBouquet.jpg (26405 bytes)

Do you think Mom is having second thoughts?